Welcome to Wednesday Coaching


Many coaches describe themselves as Life, Executive, Performance, Stress or Career Coaches. Wednesday Coaching does not make that distinction – we work with the whole person, their personal and professional challenges, goals and aspirations. Wednesday Coaching provides:

  • cost effective
  • timely
  • appropriate
  • credible and
  • results-focused

coaching solutions for organisations and individuals.

Through a series of highly regarded coaching programmes, we help organisations and individuals address the topics, themes and issues that may be affecting professional or personal performance, management style and ethos.

Our programmes focus upon improving personal impact and performance – helping our clients to deliver professional or personal goals effectively and appropriately.

Does it work? According to the CIPD’s ‘The Case for Coaching’, yes. Coaching leads to

  • increased productivity
  • enhanced leadership skills
  • achievement of personal and career goals
  • greater work:life balance.

If you are seeking direct or outsourced support around:

  • under or unexpected performance (possibly affected by stress, lack of (or over) confidence or assertiveness or poor professional competency)
  • a return to work following planned or unplanned absence (maternity or carer’s leave, a sabbatical, sickness absence)
  • next step responsibilities – newly promoted or appointed managers, needing support during the first 90 days of transition.

Wednesday Coaching will be able to help.