Our Name

Setting up a business is a deeply personal thing – it’s a risky, often once-in-a-lifetime decision and it can be hard to go back to paid employment after you’ve done it.

Of all of the business decisions to be made, the choice of name is probably the one that seems the hardest ….until you write your Business Plan, then your marketing strategy and then start to cold call ……….

The decision to call my company Wednesday was fairly simple. My husband and both of our children were born on that day of the week. Once everything was agreed with Companies House and the domain name secured, however, I began to have my doubts – ‘Wednesday’ seemed a bit of a frivolous name choice; I felt I ought to give more thought to what the name said about the type of Coach I am and the services I would offer through my Associates.

Then, on my way to a meeting, I found myself sitting on a tube in London, opposite two men in dark suits when they began to discuss how ‘mad’ political correctness had become. My favourite topic of conversation, and so I listened………..

Be-suited Man A had recently been to a christening, and was complaining that the traditional poem had been changed to give the baby the best start in life. The child (I can’t remember if it was a girl or a boy) had been born on a Wednesday and its father announced that no longer would Wednesday’s Child be full of woe, but instead:


Immediately I knew I had chosen an excellent name. How fantastic a gift is that to give to clients?

Come to Wednesday Coaching and there will be nothing that you will fear, and nothing you will not be able to tackle …………………………So what’s stopping you?

Paulette Campbell
Managing Director
Wednesday Coaching

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