Help for Individuals

Personal Coaching

A Personal Coach is similar to having a personal trainer for the mind – someone who helps you identify individual or professional goals and supports you in a plan of action to get there.

Wednesday Coaching helps individuals:

  • maintain a balance between work and home life
  • develop tactics to increase personal performance and impact

through Personal Coaching.

We help people set and achieve key personal and professional targets, goals and objectives.

If you are seeking support around:

  • under, poor or unexpected performance (possibly affected by stress, lack of (or over) confidence or assertiveness, aggression and anger)
  • developing a more equal work:life balance
  • identifying appropriate tactics to support you in finding or maintaining appropriate personal and professional relationships – increasing confidence levels & identifying sabotaging attitudes, choices and behaviours
  • returning to work following planned or unplanned absence (maternity or carer’s leave, a sabbatical, sickness absence)
  • next step responsibilities – if after a recent promotion or securing a new job role or function you find you need encouragement or tactics during the first few months of transition
  • increasing your personal impact – pushing your strengths, talents, abilities and skills to the forefront of everything you do and rejecting negative beliefs and impressions of yourself

Wednesday Coaching will be able to help.

In addition, if you are beginning to feel that paid employment is not the path you want to take, we offer Coaching Programmes that look at self employment. These are ideal for those

  • who have dreamt about being their own boss
  • who are on the brink of starting a small business

who have begun self-employment, but it is not working out as planned