Our Coaching Programmes

Wednesday Coaching offers a number of Coaching Programmes for organisations and individuals, working on a one-to-one basis we help our clients set and achieve key development objectives, taking into account the individual’s personal experience and objectives, maturity, knowledge, career path (and needs of the employing organisation).


  • 5 coaching sessions held over 4 months for people returning to work following a planned or unplanned absence (maternity or carer’s leave, a sabbatical, sickness absence).
    • Raise confidence
    • Re-ignite interest
    • Look at strategies to support your (new) work:life balance
    • Address any concerns about the return and identify potential pitfalls
    • Inspire enthusiasm and a belief that the role is still within your capabilities

Next Step

  • 4 coaching sessions held during the first 90 days of appointment to a new or different management role.
  • Designed to prepare new managers for the emotional and intellectual challenges that lie ahead and smooth the transition for the individual, their teams and the organisation as a whole.

Move Forward

  • 4 coaching sessions held over 3 months that support individuals who need help to increase professional or personal performance – who are affected by lack of (or over) confidence, assertiveness or aggression.
  • Designed to help individuals develop a stronger ability to cope with change, present themselves in a more positive light and develop a more appropriate personal and professional presence.


Coaching sessions designed to help clients focus on their long-term relationship goals, examining:

  • the connection between their attitudes, values and choices …… and their consequences


  • the habits and behaviours that support successful personal & professional relationships.

Testing the WaterTM

  • 2 coaching sessions that consider an individual’s personal suitability for self-employment:
    • looking at their responses to a specifically designed questionnaire
    • identifying areas that have been demonstrated through research to affect individual motivation and success
  • Designed to coach you in ways to increase your chances of successfully running your own business.

We also offer

Bespoke Coaching Sessions

  • these may be a combination of any of the coaching programmes outlined above
Coaching Hubs

  • group coaching sessions offering the benefits of personal coaching at a lower cost

If you don’t see a particular topic covered here but you like the sound of Wednesday Coaching’s approach, please contact us. It’s impossible to cover every subject on the website, so the chances are we may well be able to help you.